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Information for Veterans from DVA

DVA has become aware of emails circulating within the veteran community that contain inaccurate information related to the Veterans Home Care (VHC) Program.

The VHC Program provides access to low level services to assist eligible Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) clients to remain independent in their homes. Eligible DVA clients under the Veteran’s Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA) that hold a Veteran Gold Card, or Veteran White Card for an accepted service-related injury or condition, are eligible for an assessment to receive services under the VHC Program, such as domestic help, personal care, respite care, and safety-related home and garden maintenance.

The emails incorrectly state that the VHC Program ‘may be discontinued due to lack of participation’.

DVA is not considering the discontinuation of the VHC Program for any reason. The VHC Program continues to be a well utilised and popular program, helping clients remain independent in their own homes. In 2020-21, the VHC Program provided services to over 36,000 clients.

The phone number provide in the email is also incorrect. Eligible DVA clients should contact their VHC Assessment Agency on1300 550 450 to have an assessment for services. Information on the VHC Program is also available via our

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Victoria Benz

Deputy Commissioner, NSW & ACT

Department of Veterans’ Affairs


From the ACT Office for Seniors and Veterans 

A new Check In CBR card is being introduced for those people who don’t own a smartphone or are unable to download or use the Check In CBR app.

The card contains a unique QR code which can be scanned at all businesses and venues across the ACT that currently accept the Check In CBR app.

Checking in will be faster, easier and with private as there is no need for venue staff to manually enter a customer’s details.

For more information on the Check In CBR card, visit the; 

http://ACT Government COVID-19 website