Veterans Support Centre Belconnen ACT (02) 6255 1599

There are many ways to volunteer with us and be a part of our community. Below are two of our groups currently seeking voluteers:

Federation Work Shops

At the Veterans Support Centre there are facilities including the Woodwork shop and
Metalwork shop. These workshops are overseen by experienced operators who assist
members in carrying out construction and/or maintenance of items in the workshop.

The Volunteers will assist members wishing to carry out work on work their own projects
and give guidance when needed or required.

A fee is generally applicable where it is necessary to cover material costs and a donation to
the VSC in appreciation for the labour of volunteer staff.

Contacts: – Peter Kercher (woodwork shop) and Peter Armstrong (Metal work shop).

Please call the office on (02) 6255 1599 for more information.

Gardening Group

The VSC gardening group is coordinated by Stephen Hull. We are still requiring volunteers
to assist Stephen in the gardening group on a Tuesday morning.

If anyone is interested in participating in this group, please contact the office on (02) 6255 1599